First Solo Trip

Two years ago, I went on my first “solo” trip abroad. I use quotations because I didn’t know anyone I was going to be traveling with for the next week. I flew to Ireland and met up with 18 other people whom I had never met before. The itinerary had already been laid out for us, so no planning was involved on my end. It was one of the best decisions I have ever made. I met some amazing people and got to see so many beautiful sights of Ireland.

I’ve always loved traveling. By the time I had got to my Ireland trip, I had traveled many places within the United States. Mostly extended weekend trips with friends. I had also taken a family vacation to Mexico and been to Australia with a student group. However, Ireland was different from all of the trips I had taken in the past. It was a trip I had decided on myself. It wasn’t a trip my friend planned that I was asked to come along on. There was no family debate on where we should take our vacation. It was solely me making the decision. There was something so empowering about it.

Now, a little over two years later, I’m getting ready to go on another solo trip. This time it’s for real solo. I am not traveling with anyone. At least not the entire time. I have a few people I will be meeting up with along the way. And, I have planned the entire trip myself. Every city, every attraction, every flight and every train ride has been planned by me. This was no easy task. It’s been almost like a full time job (one I have thoroughly enjoyed). So much research and planning has gone into this trip over the past six months. Yet, somehow, I still don’t feel like I’m fully prepared for it. Ready or not, I’m getting on that plane.

The only thing standing in my way at this point is a train ride and a security checkpoint. I’m a little scared, a little nervous and a lot excited. This trip is something I’ve seen other people do and always wished I could do, but didn’t have the time or courage to do until now. The universe knew I was ready for it and everything around me fell into place perfectly.

In less five hours I’m boarding a plane to France. From there I will go to Netherlands, Germany, Czech Republic and Italy. I have one backpack to get me through two months. That itself is also a big deal. Anyone who knows me knows I never pack light… What can I say, I love my shoes. The fact that I have managed to only pack one pair of shoes (other than the ones I’m wearing) and very few outfits is pretty much a miracle. But, I did it and I’m feeling good about it. I’m ready to go!

“Travel. As much as you can. As far as you can. As long as you can. Life’s not meant to be lived in one place.” – The Good Quote

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