Bonjour de France

This week has consisted of many cafe cremes (that’s just a more fancy term for coffee with cream), red wine, throw in some water, lots of walking (up and down plenty of stairs), definitely sweating, sore feet, a runny nose from the cold weather and countless memories.

My first two days involved catching up on sleep and traveling to a small town by the name of Pontorson. I’m sure you’re thinking, “catching up on sleep!? You shouldn’t be wasting any time.” I was thinking the same thing at first. But, my body was worn out from the flight and train rides I had to take to be able to see Le Mont Saint Michel (pronounced Michelle not Michael, btw. Just in case you’re like me and can’t pronounce anything correctly). Plus, I had/still have plenty of days to see everything that I want. My body was very happy I gave it time to rest, too. By the time Wednesday came around I was energized and ready to take on Le Mont Saint Michel.

Thank goodness for that because there were lots of stairs and uphill climbs involved that day. There was also one down hill fall. I some how managed to find a walk way down to the bay that no one else had found or maybe they were just avoiding it so they didn’t risk falling like I did. Either way, no one was around to witness my fall. The stones were wet and I stepped on a pretty flat one when my foot slipped right out from underneath me. Before I could catch myself on the railing, I was already sitting on the ground. I jumped right up, briefly turned around to make sure no one had walked up, turned forward again and kept walking to the bay like nothing happened.

It was a beautiful sunny day and not too cold, which was perfect seeing as I was walking around outside most of the day. I toured the Abbey (the main part of the castle), sat in a garden looking out at the bay (the one I fell trying to get down to), I drank a cafe creme and had macrons in one of the small cafes on site and it was all magical.

Once I finished touring the castle, I went back to Pontorson to explore there, too. Only the tour of Pontorson lasted about an hour compared to the four hours at Le Mont Saint Michel. It was a very small town.

And, although I was ready for dinner at 5:00 pm because the only thing I had for lunch was a cafe creme and three macrons, I had to wait another hour and a half because none of the restaurants opened for dinner until 6:30/7. I passed the time by drinking a couple glasses of wine at the only bar open. There were a bunch of regulars in there having a few beers after work. At least that’s what I presumed was happening. I was just this little ole American woman in the corner having a glass of wine not having a clue what was being said. As soon as 6:30 hit, I went to find a restaurant that was open and walked into the first place I found. It was a pizza joint. The pizza I ordered had green olives, potatoes, peppers and tomatoes. It was délicieux.

Skip forward to making it back to Paris and me walking around the city with no plan as to where I’m going, I run into a bunch of other tourists. How do I know they’re tourists, you ask. Well there’s a lot of them all walking in the same direction with their cameras out ready to take the perfect picture. What do I do? Follow them of course. By the time I make it to the top of this hill and get out from in between buildings, I see what they are all heading towards: Sacré Coeur. It’s a huge church that sits on top of a hill in northern Paris that overlooks the entire city. It was pretty spectacular. The church itself and the fact that I just happened to find it without intention. I hung out there for a little while then eventually had to pull up the gps to figure out how to get back to my hostel.

It was a bit gloomy the next day so I decided it was the perfect day to visit the Musée du Louvre (don’t pronounce the r). This is the worlds largest art museum. It also holds the Mona Lisa. I spent half the day here. There was so much to see. I didn’t get to see everything, but after four hours there I was done looking at art.

I walked outside and saw the big wheel and the Eiffel Tower in the distance. I walked toward the big wheel. The Eiffel Tower was further than I was willing to walk at that point. It was really foggy, too, so I wouldn’t have gotten any good pictures. We all know that’s what it’s all about anyway. If you don’t have the picture proof, did you really even go?

Walking back to my hostel after visiting the Musée du Louvre and the big wheel, I was going off memory of how I got there and was so impressed that I hadn’t got lost yet, I started paying less attention to street names and more attention to store fronts (there are sales everywhere in Paris right now) and got myself lost. Who knew not paying attention to street signs would get you lost? I’ll just say thank goodness for google maps. It has saved me several times this week.

Moving along to my half day trip to Versailles. One of the girls I’m rooming with and her two friends booked the same trip so I hung out with them most of the day. I was glad to finally have someone around that could take pictures of me in front of places instead of using the self timer on my camera. The self timer doesn’t always capture my best angle. I guess it was nice to make conversation with someone other than myself, too. 😜 On a serious note, they were awesome ladies. I laughed a lot.

The palace and gardens  of Versailles were so grand. The gardens actually took up more acres than the palace itself. We only saw about an eighth of the gardens. Since it is winter not much was blooming in the gardens. Would definitely be better to see that portion in the Spring/Summer timeframe.

And, it only took seven days, but yesterday I visited the Eiffel Tower up close and personal. The first thing I did once I walked the 3+ miles to get there was stand in line for a hotdog and a water. Because there is nothing more classy than eating a giant hotdog in front of the Eiffel Tower. There is also nothing more stressful than 30 birds flying over your head while eating said hotdog hoping none of them poop on you or your hotdog.

The Eiffel Tower was cool. I went all the way to the top, got some pictures of the city, took a bunch of pictures of other people (on their cameras not mine. That would just be creepy), had another cafe creme and then rode the lift all the way back down. It wasn’t as big in person as I thought it would be. I mean it was still large, but I just pictured it larger. Not complaining, I still enjoyed it and took a ton of pictures.

I then trekked the 3+ miles back to my hostel, went and ate a bunch of delicious food, drank some wine and came back and wrote this blog. Had to finish it this morning because I was too tired to stay up and add pictures last night. So, I hope you enjoy! And, if not, well I didn’t force you to read the whole damn thing.

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